Saturday, May 28, 2016

2 Minggu Yang Indah, mudah-mudahan.


It has been a month since last update, kan? is always full of unexpected things.

Hokey, school holiday starts today, until 12th of June.
Quite long jugak tu.
We do not have plan for the kids, yet.
Since Papa was not able to get many off days during this school holiday,
so i will try my best to prepare lots of indoor activities for kids.
Or.....may be just balik kampung? Hoyeiiiii!!

Alhamdulillah, yesterday F and me went to the kids kindy,
for parents-teacher meeting.
Looking at the kids achievement at school,
I feel blessed by Allah.
I am not a good mother,
(But i always struggle to be the best one..hehe),
yet Allah grants me good daughters.
Both kids with their excellent social skill, reading progress, counting,bla bla bla...

Imtinan with Teacher Rani - very soft spoken lady.
And another lady is Imtinan's mama in her end of 7months pregnancy.
She is not that big actually.
The picture just went wrong. Hahaha...

Teacher Rani told us yesterday Imtinan is a good girl.
She can follow instruction well and able to finish task within time.
Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for this bless.

Both kids were excited yesterday to show  us their montessori toys at school.
We are excited too!
That little lady in yellow is Iman, refused to take picture with any of the teacher.
She just want to play around with other friends,
picked up few books, beans, blocks, wooden math toys, etc etc..
Puan Saadiah is Iman's teacher.
According to Teacher Saadiah, Iman is also able to follow instruction well.
She makes friends at school, enjoy learning phonics, love singing yada yada yada...

The most important for me is : kids enjoy their school days.
So that i can smile at home the whole day, completing all the housechores, with no worries at all.

So yesterday, we brought back the kids files ( consist of the crafts made by them, the workbooks they completed, the progress chart of the montessori activities, etc).
I promise to myself, within 2weeks of this school holiday, i will go through the files - one by one - and jot down any important notes (for the sake of memory..haha).
May i do not break my own promise! is first day of school holiday.
F and me wake up before subuh, as usual.
Kids are still in tight sleep untill now.
They had so much fun bonding time with F last night.
They play hide and seek, lari2 berkejaran pusing2 living hall, bla bla bla.
Sedar2, it was 11.30pm!

Today F is going to London for work.
While he prepared her luggage, i prepared him breakfast.

A mug of green tea with french toast.
I used this simple french toast style : telor+mayonese = kacau2, celup roti & grilled on pan.
Loved by everybody in this house. Hehe... Alhamdulillah.
By the way, this TWG brand green tea really make up my day.
I was not into green tea before, untill i try this TWG brand.
It gives me nice smell that enhance my day.
Smile until telinga :)

#F is already in the airplane now,
#Kids still on bed,
#Me with my phone, updating this blog.
So...what to do next?
Owh..ok i need to cook, few guests are coming for lunch&dinner.

Till meet again :)